Take smart and simple care of pregnant women's facial skin,
which is prone to becoming sensitive!
One step facial care for pregnant women!
Richly moisturizes + soothes + reinforces the skin barrier
Three-in-One multi cream
Offers the effects of lotion, essence, and cream, making it comfortable to take care of pregnant women's skin,
which is prone to becoming sensitive.
  • Simply and effectively take care of pregnant women's sensitive skin!

    Three-in-one multi care that richly moisturizes + soothes + reinforces the skin barrier All-in-one facial cream with the effects of lotion, essence, and cream for one-step skin care

  • The MLE® formula reinforces the skin barrier while its patented ceramide richly moisturizes skin.

    The MLE® formula is similar to skin lipid. Its patented ceramide (Ceramide-9S) reinforces the skin barrier, and forms a moisture-locking and skin protecting membrane.

  • Turn dull and flaky skin into clear and radiant skin!

    Botanical collagen and licorice extract takes care of dull and flaky skin, making it clear and radiant.

  • Completed skin irritation test

  • Free of artificial dyes, parabens, artificial fragrances, ethanol, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, propylene glycol (PG), PEG, and diethanolamine

How to use

  • After washing the face, dispense the right amount. Gently apply onto face in accordance with your skin's texture.
    Then, envelop and press the entire face to allow product to be absorbed.
  • As a product with lotion, essence, and cream effects, it can be used as an all-in-one facial cream after washing face without having to use several stages of skincare products.

Recommended to

  • Women who need skin nourishing and moisturizing care because of pregnancy or giving birth
  • Women who need simple and effective skin care as moving has become difficult and they have become extremely sensitive because of changes in their body
  • Women who need to boost skin firmness because their skin has turned extremely dry and flaky
  • Women worried of having dry skin during seasonal changes
  • Women looking for mild and safe skin products

Main compounds

  • reinforces the skin barrier
  • richly moisturizes skin
  • brightens skin
  • moisturizes and soothes skin
  • boosts skin firmness and nourishes skin