Development of original MLE technology

Dr. Park Byeong Deog was at the time in charge of the development of new materials at Aekyung Industrial’s Central Research Center. After many years of research, he successfully developed new Ceramides which account for up to 55% of outermost layer of human skin. This development was revolutionary new technology that was quickly absorbed by the skin, leading to the development of MLE, a discovery that resolved children’s skin problems including his son who suffered from atopic dermatitis. In addition, after five years of tenacious research, the hypoallergenic skin walls enhancer ATOPALM was finally released.

Recognized technological excellence

Dr. Park Byeong Deog, in order to raise ATOPALM’s MLE technology degree of completion and public appeal, submitted patents and published research articles actively in famous domestic and overseas journals. Moreover, based on these results, core technology of Ceramide and MLE in ATOPALM received both Korean and American patents. By undergoing clinical trials in safety testing at Yonsei Medical School, Chungnam University Medical School, and others, the product passed safety tests conducted at the FDA approved RCH center. One father’s love for his children was turned into a product recognized not only for its superb skin protective effects but also for its safety.

For the people who have skin concerns.

ATOPALM resulted from one father’s love for his kids and passion for research. After more than 10 years of accumulating know-how on sensitive skin in order to resolve skin issues for not only children with weak skin but also adults troubled by sensitive skin, ATOPALM’s relentless efforts led to the birth of the brand that contributes to protecting its customers skin health with the combination of care and passion for research.